H1 report is a multi-sheet excel report containing key appointment and transactional metrics with separate sheets for the dashboard, graphs, and appointment info.


The report is generated as an excel which has three sheets

1. Dashboard

2. Graphs which contain the following info

a. Gross Charges

b. Gross Receivables

c. Avg. lag Days

d. Cash Receipts

e. Top 10 Insurance Receivables

f. Gross Patient Receivables

g. Adjusted Denied Claims

i. Appointment schedule status

3. Appointments by providers

Search Filters of H1 Report

Filters Description
As On Acct. Date Provide the Accounting date as on which the report is to be produced
Legal Entity Provide LE to view results specific to a legal entity
Providers Select a provider from the drop-down to view the report for that provider
Insurance Select an insurance from the drop-down to view results pertaining to that insurance

Search Screen of H1 Report

Sample H1 Report

A Part of H1 Dashboard

A Part of H1 Graph Sheet

Appointments By Provider Sheet