Operational (Drill Down)Dashboard  is a report on the Key Performance Indicators(KPI). KPIs  are color-coded. Green indicates that the parameter is in good standing whereas red indicates an alert that the KPI requires immediate attention. Yellow indicates a warning that the parameter could worsen if not taken care of. This report shows the KPIs of major areas like Denials, EMR, A/R, Activity Alert, Expiration, Scheduler, Patient, Payments, No response, Statement, Write-offs, Follow-up with Count, Amount and Date.


Settings icon on the top right side of the dashboard can be used to configure the dashboard where you can set the threshold limits and if you do not want any report to appear in the dashboard, you can uncheck it in the settings.

Search Filters of H2 Report

Field Description
Acct. Date To show KPIs in a specific accounting date range
DOS To show KPIs in a specific DOS range
Claim Date To display KPIs in a particular claim date range
Legal Entity To filter results for a specific billing entity
Provider To filter results pertaining to a single provider
Payer To filter results for a specific insurance; provide insurance name
Payer ID Provide payer ID
Case Type provide case type in case results are required for only a specific case type
Filter All: All KPIs are displayed

Alert Only: Displays only the alerts

Warning Only: Displays only the warnings

Messages Only: Those in good standing are displayed

Search Screen of H2 Report

Sample H2 Report