A multi-sheet excel containing high-level data of charges and payments by month with referring provider, type of service, payer, and procedures.


H5 Report excel report contains a graphical representation of

1. Top 10 Rendering providers by TOS by payments

2. Top 10 Rendering Providers by TOS by Charges billed

3. Top 5 TOS by month  by charge

4. Top 5 TOS by month by payments

5. Top 10 insurances by charges billed

6. Charges and Payments by TOS

7. Top 10 Referring providers by TOS by charges

8. Top 5 Referring providers by payments by TOS

Search Filters of H5 Report

Field Description
Acct. Dates Provide the Accounting date range
Legal Entity Provide LE to view results specific to a legal entity
Providers Select a provider from the drop-down to view the report for that provider
Insurance Select an insurance from the drop-down to view results pertaining to that insurance

Search Screen of H5 Report

Sample H5 Report

Payments by Referring Provider sheet

A part of the H5 Graph Sheet