Productivity 360 report gives an Excel file that contains Charges/payments by month by TOS, Charges by month by service location, Charges by Referring provider by Ins by TOS, Payments by Ref. Provider by TOS, Charges by Insurance by TOS, Payments by Insurance by TOS, Charges by CPT by month, Payments by Referring provider based on selecting Legal entity, Provider or patient.


H5 Report excel report contains a graphical representation of

1. Top 10 Rendering providers by TOS by payments

2. Top 10 Rendering Providers by TOS by Charges billed

3. Top 5 TOS by month  by charge

4. Top 5 TOS by month by payments

5. Top 10 insurances by charges billed

6. Charges and Payments by TOS

7. Top 10 Referring providers by TOS by charges

8. Top 5 Referring providers by payments by TOS

Search Filters of H5 Report

Field Description
Acct. Dates Provide the Accounting date range
Legal Entity Provide LE to view results specific to a legal entity
Providers Select a provider from the drop-down to view the report for that provider
Insurance Select an insurance from the drop-down to view results pertaining to that insurance

Search Screen of H5 Report

Sample H5 Report

Payments by Referring Provider sheet

A part of the H5 Graph Sheet