This is a multi-sheet Excel file containing both graphical and analytical data capturing the billed, paid, and expected by patients and by insurance. Additionally, the report also shows the billed-to-paid lag by payers and by procedure code.


The Work Value Summary lists each insurance/patient along with the charges, paid amount, balance amount, adjustments made, and expected fees.

Billed_to_paid lag time displays the delay in days between the billed date and the payment date. The Billed-To_paid lag time sheet has two tables; one for insurance and the other for patients.

Search Filters of H7 Report

Field Description
Date Type Select either Acct. Date or DOS and provide the range
Payer Type Select either Insurance or patient
CPT To filter by procedure codes.

Search Screen of H7 Report

Sample H7 Report

Part of H7 Graph Sheet

Part of H7 Work Value Summary-Insurance Sheet