When the People app is opened, the window will have four tabs viz. All, My Friends, Friend Request Sent, Friend Request Received. There will also be a search bar at the top right corner of your People window. The search can be performed using name, cell phone or email ID of the contact.

The All tab will be listing all the HIPAA contacts. If the user is a member of an organization, then the All tab will list all those contacts within the same organization and if the user has permission , then People tab will also list all those contacts who belong to other organizations and also the contacts who do not belong to any organizations.

To add a contact, simply click on the  option shown with the contact. On adding a contact the option will change to .                    .

All those contacts to whom you sent a request will also be shown in the Friend Requests Sent tab as well.

My Friends tab lists all the contacts that have been added to the network so far. i.e, it shows all the contacts who have either accepted the friend request or those contacts whose requests have been accepted by you.

If a contact who is already added in your network needs to be deleted, simply click on the  option for that contact. The contacts you delete will be shown in the All tab from where you can add them again if you wish.

Friend Request Sent

In this tab, all those contacts to whom requests have been sent to add them to your network will be shown. Cancel a request sent to a contact by selecting the  option. The contact will be present in the All tab when a request is cancelled. When the contact accepts the request to add him/ her to the network, then that contact will also be shown in the My Friends tab.

Friend Request Received

This tab has all those contacts who have sent you requests to add you to their network. You can either  or   their requests. Upon confirming a request from another contact, it will be moved to the My Friends tab. If you cancel a request, then the contact will be moved to the All tab. When a request is cancelled either of the contact will have to send a request again.

What Happens When You add A Contact?

When you add a contact to your network, he/ she will be added to your chat list in the HIPAA Office Chat app. You will now be able to send chats and even share files.

Need to share a task with your contact? It is possible for you to share your tasks with a contact you added to your network.

Want to notify your friend about an upcoming event? Make sure your buddies don’t miss out on an event by sharing your calendar with them.

Have something to share with a group? Add your contacts to form a new group and share your stuff.

Private Profile Holders

Now, while accessing the people app you might just want to add a contact who has a private profile. Such contacts will not appear in your contacts list. Now if you do need to add them, you can search for them using their name. Contacts with private profiles can only be seen when they are searched for. But do remember that they have private profiles, so you will not be able to search for them using their cell phone number or their email ID. These contacts remain hidden even when you have added them to your network. They have to be searched by their name to be shown in any of the tabs in the People window.