1. How To Access EMR of a Patient

Go to Clinical Desktop. Click on the Patients tab and provide patient’s first name, last name, or any other search criteria provided and select the patient from the list. This will open the EMR screen. To create a new chart, select an appropriate encounter sheet from the encounter sheet drop-down and select ‘Begin Charting’.
To work on a chart previously created for the patient, go to ‘Visit Hx’; this tab lists all charts created for the patient till date. Click on the required chart from the list and resume charting.

2. How To Record Patient Vitals during Office Visit?

Go to Clinical Desktop from the main menu and click on the Patient tab. Search and select a patient to open up the EMR for that patient. Once the EHR window opens, create a new chart by selecting an appropriate encounter sheet and click on ‘Begin Charting’. Under Objective click on Vitals and fill in all the required information. To make this chart available to the physician for examination, choose the READY_FOR_EXAM option from the drop down menu and then click the Save As button. The chart will be saved and placed under the Ready For Exam tab on the Clinical Desktop.

3. How to Place a Chart in “Ready for Exam” Status?

Open the required chart; select ‘READY_FOR_EXAM’ under the Save As button and click on 

4. How to Place a Chart in “For Review” Status?

From the EMR window choose the FOR_REVIEW from the extreme right corner and click on Save As. An ‘Assigned To User’ drop-down appears; select a user to review the chart. Insert comments in the Comment box if necessary and click on save.

5. How do I make use of my Canned Sheet?

PracticeSuite has the ability to create Canned sheets, which allows users to speed up charting of common visit types. Once the EMR screen opens, all Consultation Sheets available for the selected Provider will be displayed in the encounter sheet drop-down. From this drop-down, select an encounter sheet. All Canned Sheets saved under the selected encounter sheet will be listed in the Canned Sheet drop-down. Select the required canned sheet and click on button to start charting.
To know how to create a Canned sheet, click here.