Fee Schedule and Encounter Procedures (CPT/HCPCS) go hand in hand when it comes to medical billing. Considering the fact that Fee Schedule and encounter procedures complement each other. These modules have been incorporated under Fee Schedule.

To open the Fee Schedule, go to the Setup menu and choose Fee Schedule.

The Fee schedule opens in a new window and allows you to manipulate the Fee Schedule and Encounter Procedures (CPT).

Adding New CPT to Standard Fee Schedule

When Fee Schedule option is invoked from the Setup Menu, it would lead you to Fee Schedule window.

Click on the  button from the Fee Schedule window to add New CPT to the standard Fee Schedule. Clicking the Add CPT button will bring up a new window; wherein, New CPT information can be furnished.

Fill in all the mandatory fields to create New CPT-

  • Billable Code (A CPT or A HCPCS code)
  • Billable Code Description
  • Billable Amount
  • Category (Category of the Billable code and it may either be a CPT or an HCPCS)

Other information is not mandatory; however, it would help the billing to be easy if updated. For e.g., Defaulting provider, CLIA# or Mammography Certification# would facilitate the charge entry and billing process when the CPT or HCPCS is selected.

Note: A New CPT can be added only to standard Fee Schedule. 

Once these fields are updated, Click on the Save button to save the CPT into the Standard Fee Schedule.