1. Click on the Setup module and choose Provider, the Provider page will display a list of all the Providers.


2. Click on the Setup Insurance setup_buttton button next to the Provider’s name to open the Providers Insurance List as shown below. If the provider has any existing insurance it will be listed here; otherwise the list will be blank.


3. Click the add button add_icon add Insurance details for this Provider.


4.  Click on the search search_button button in the Insurance Company box to select from the list of Insurance companies already existing in the system.

5. In the Insurance Company Search dialog box that appears, enter the Name or the first three letters of the Insurance Company that you want to search for and click the Search button. The list of all the companies falling within the given search criteria will be displayed.

6. Click to select the required Insurance Company from the list.

7. Now enter the rest of the information ie, Group ID, the PIN number, Secondary ID Type and Secondary ID.

8. Enable the Bill Mode box to use the Provider’s Identification on HCFA Box 25.

9. Click Save button to save this information. The Provider Insurance Information will be updated and added to the Provider Insurance List.


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