1. Click on the Setup module and choose Practice, the Practice page will be displayed.

Capture 01

2. Click the Setup Break/Holidays setup_buttton button,this will open the Break Display page listing all the breaks and holidays as shown below.

Capture 02

3. To block holidays, click the add add_icon button, this will open the Break Information page where the details of the break or holiday is defined.

Capture 03

4. Click in the Applicable To box and choose the Legal Entity for which this holiday or break is applicable (In case your practice has multiple Legal Entities, they will all appear in the list. Choose All LE to block Holidays for all Legal Entities).

5. Click in the Break Type box and choose the type of break i.e. Holiday or Break. If you select Holiday, then only the Start Date and End Date of the Holiday has to be entered.

If you select Break, then please also enter the Days, Start Time Hrs and End Time Hrs of the Break.

6. After you have entered the necessary details click the Save button. The new holiday/break will be updated and listed in the Break display page.

7. You can edit or delete a Holiday or Break from this page using the Edit or Delete buttons provided next to each Holiday/Break.