To create a Custom Fee Schedule,

1. Click on Advanced Setup module from the menu and choose Custom Fee Schedule.

2. In the Search Custom Fee Schedule page that appears, click the add add_icon button. The Custom Fee Schedule screen will appear as shown below.

3. Enter a Name and a Description for the Fee Schedule.

4. Click on the search search_button button or enter first 3 letters of insurance company to choose an Insurance Company to associate with this Fee Schedule from theInsurance Company box.

5. Enter the following information,

Annual Deductible Enter the Annual Deductible for this plan.
Co-Pay Enter the Co-Pay Amount for this plan.
No of Visits Allowed Enter the Total Yearly Visits permitted for this plan.
Maximum Amount Covered Enter the Maximum Amount Covered.
Co-Insurance Enter the Co-Insurance amount.
Annual Dollar Limit Enter the Annual Dollar Limit.
Annual Maximum Visit Enter the Annual Maximum Visit.
Lifetime Dollar Limit Enter the Yearly Maximum Payable Amount.

6. Click the Save & Copy SFS button.  The information you entered will be saved and Custom Fee Schedule will be copied  and displayed below.

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