When starting a new medical practice or reorganizing an existing practice, one of the first things you will need to do is choose a Legal Entity through which the practice will be conducted.

More than one Legal Entity would be used in a multi-office scenario when you want to setup the second office as a separate Legal Entity. A Legal Entity could also be used in case of two or more Providers working together in a shared facility. The data between Legal Entity is shared by the entire Practice. A Practice is created only once, but you can create as many Legal Entities under a Practice as required.

Create a new Legal Entity

To create a new Legal Entity, click Setup module and choose Legal Entity.

The Practice Legal Entity List will be displayed as shown below.

PracticeSuite automatically creates a Legal Entity while defining a Practice, this Legal Entity is called the Primary Legal Entity and will be highlighted in red color (see image above). It is recommended that you edit and update the information in the Primary Legal Entity instead of creating a new Legal Entity. Add a new Legal Entity only when you want to setup another new office as a separate Legal Entity.

Click the  button to open the Legal Entity Information page.

Fill in the required details on Legal Entity page as explained below.

Legal Entity Information
LE. Code (Legal Entity Code) Enter a unique key for the legal entity
Default Service Location Select the Service Location which is to be defaulted in the EMR on selecting the Provider belonging to this Legal Entity
 Entity Type Click on the list button and choose a type that best matches your organization.
Separate Account   If this Legal Entity has a separate account, choose the Separate Account Yes option, otherwise select No.
Payable To Information
a) If the Payable to address and contact details are the same as the Legal Entity address and contact details, click in the Same as Practice checkbox to automatically update the information.
b) If the Payable to address and contact details are different, leave the checkbox blank and enter the Address, City and Country details.
c) Enter the telephone numbers for Phone 1, Phone 2, Fax and also the E-mail address.
Identity Information
a) Enter the Federal Tax ID
b) Enter your Group NPI
Working Hours
In this area, set the practice working hours for regular week days and for weekends.
To set the Working Hours, set the Start Time and End Time options.
To set the Lunch Break for your practice, choose the Start Time and End Time options.

Select the Save button to save all changes.