PracticeSuite has the ability to create Canned sheets, which allows users to make the work of common visit types charting faster.

On top of the EMR screen is the charting selection area from where you can select the type of Charting Sheet required.



1. easily accommodates multiple complaint, multiple symptom and multiple disease chart notes. All the Consultation Sheets available for the selected Provider will be displayed in this list. From this list choose a Consultation Sheet.

2. offers the users the ability to save common visit type chart notes as Canned Sheets, which makes charting quicker. Simply click on a Consultation Sheet and all the Canned Sheets saved under it will be listed in the Canned Sheet area. Select a Canned Sheet from the list.

3. Click on New_cannedsheet_chart button to start charting. (You have to build up the Canned Sheets) Refer to:- How do I create a Canned Sheet?

The charting page will be displayed as shown below.