To review the Past Visit history of a patient follow the steps explained below:


1. Select a patient and open the charting screen and then click the Visit Hx tab.

2. You can search for Past Visits by Consultation sheet, Diagnosis, Provider and DOS (Date of service).

3. All the past visits of the patient will be displayed here date wise. Click on any visit to view the narration for the visit.

4. The narration for the selected Visit will be displayed here enabling you to review all the details of the particular visit.

5. To take a print out of this narration, click on the Print button provided at the end of the narration.

6. In case you have to make a correction or addendum to the narration, click on the Addendum / Correction button. In the pop up window that appears, enter the correction/addendum and click the Save button. The addendum will be added to the narration and displayed as shown below.