1. Click on the Setup -> Practice.

The Practice page will be displayed as shown below.

2. Click on Set Practice Options button to open the Practice Options page.

The different options in the General tab are mentioned below.

Generate MR# Using  To generate the MR# (Medical Record Number) sequentially or using the SSN, click on the required option button to make a selection.
Prefix For Sequential Number  Use this option to add a prefix to the MR# if it is generated using the Sequential# option, type the prefix in this box. If no prefix is required, simply leave this box blank.
Date Format Click on the arrow button and select the required date format (dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy or dd Mmm yyyy)
Number Format  Click on the arrow button and choose the required number format from the list.
Currency Format To change the currency, click on the arrow button and choose the required currency.
Number of decimal points for amount To set the number of decimal points for amounts, click on the arrow button and choose the number of decimal point required (1,2,3,4).
Up to what Age the patient must have a guarantor  Enter the age up to which a patient must have guarantor.
Create Auto case If this option is set to Yes, The system will automatically create a new case when Primary Insurance is added.
Default Case Type  Click on the box to select the case type to be defaulted while creating a new case.
Enable Timecard  Enabling the Timecard option will record the Log in and Log out time for each user and also the Total time. Please contact the Administrator before enabling this option.
PracticeOrders Version This option is set by the Administrator, do not change this setting.
Note:- Please contact the Administrator before changing this option as changing this setting requires advanced configuration by the administrator.
Financial year start date  Choose the date when you want the financial year to start every year.
Insurance Aging Based On  Select the date type from the box, based on which insurance aging is calculated

3. Click on the Save button to save the changes.