1. To add a Consultation Sheet, click on EMR module and choose EMR Admin. The EMR Admin page will be displayed as shown below. This is the screen where Encounter Sheet are added or edited.


The Master Details page contains plenty of options which allows you to customize EMR to your requirements; but in this topic we will concentrate only on adding and editing a new Encounter Sheet.

2. In the Encounter Sheets area, click the add icon button located at the further end on the right. The Add Encounter Sheet page will be displayed as shown below.


3. Enter the following information on this page:
i. Enter the Con. Sheet Name and a Code for the new Encounter Sheet in the respective boxes.
ii. In the Description box, type the description for the new Encounter Sheet..
iii. In the Applicable to Provider(s) box, choose the provider(s) to whom this Encounter Sheet will be applicable (to select multiple number of providers, press the Shift key and click on the providers; or select APPLICABLE TO ALL).
iv. The Active check box will be enabled by default, This Encounter Sheet will not be available if this box is left unselected.
v. Click the Save button, the new Encounter Sheet has been added and will be available on the Charting page.