How to Setup Mammography Certification# For Use in Claims

Mammography Certification# for practices is set up from the legal entity setup page, as in Image 1.

Once mammography certification# is set up for your LE, all procedure codes related to mammography can have this certification# defaulted to the claims they are part of. This is done from the encounter procedure setup page.

If the above two setups are done for your practice, whenever a new encounter is created with a procedure code that has a mammography# default option set, it will pull the mammography# to the Claim Note/Special Instruction Field which is then sent on the EDI Claim under loop 2300>REF with qualifier EW.

How to add Mammography# Independently to Claims

If you find Mammography# not defaulted in the Claim Note of your encounter, you can still send Mammography# individually in the claim.

In the Charge Master Claim Note/Special instruction field, add the mammography# prefixed with ‘EW’

eg. EW-12345678.

Save the encounter and generate the claim to send the Mammography# in the claim.