A prescription can be cancelled if it was sent to the wrong pharmacy or if the refills on a prescription need to be cancelled. Not all pharmacies support this new feature. The option will only be available if the pharmacy supports the Cancel option.

1. Click on ‘Clinical desktop’/’EMR’ from the main menu on the left.

2. Select a patient.

3a. For Visits, Click on ‘Prescription’  within encounter notes to redirect to Newcrop Portal to cancel the medication.

3b. For non-visits/refills, Click on the Rx icon from the face sheet to redirect to Newcrop Portal to cancel the medication.

Discontinue a Medication – Cancelling Refills Automatically

If a medication is discontinued and has refills, a cancel message can automatically be sent to the pharmacy. To change preferences about this feature, see the section at the bottom of this document entitled, “Disabling Automatic Cancellations”. From the Compose tab on the Current Medication list select the box(es) to the far right of the medication(s) and then click the D/C button at the top of the list.

A cancel confirmation prompt will display for any medication that has refills and was sent to a pharmacy that can accept a cancel message. Click ‘Send Cancel Rx to Pharmacy’.

Cancelling Individual Scripts

A single prescription may be cancelled from the Rx Details page. This can be done for an individual Rx that does not have refills but was sent to the wrong pharmacy in error. Once the Rx is cancelled, it can be resent to the correct pharmacy either from the Rx Details page or from the Compose tab. If sent from the Rx Details page, the cancelled medication along with any others in the batch will be retransmitted. If sent from the Compose tab, the prescriber can select any medication(s) that need to be sent to a determined pharmacy.

A single Rx can also be cancelled in the instance the refills need to be cancelled but the Rx does not need to be discontinued. To cancel for either scenario, open the Rx Details page by selecting the magnifying glass to the far right.

To cancel the Rx or refills click Notify pharmacy: cancel previously authorized refills.

A success message will show to indicate the cancel message has been sent to the pharmacy.

Cancel Message History

A history of any cancel messages sent to the pharmacy are displayed on the Rx Details page. This message relates only to the Rx cancelled; any other Rxs that were cancelled must be view separately on their respective Rx Details page.

Open the Rx Details page by selecting the magnifying glass to the far right. Scroll to the middle of the page to find the Cancel Detail section. The history is read from the bottom up.

Disabling Automatic Cancellations

The Admin tab Account Settings section will allow a prescriber to disable the automatic cancellation feature. The prescriber must be logged in to disable or change this feature.

Once updated, click on ‘Save Prescriber Settings’.