Free Account Sign Up

Create a free account in HIPAA Office today! Follow the below steps to start protecting your sensitive information now!

Enter on the browser to go to the HIPAA Office Sign Up page.

Fill in the first field that will be the Username for the new HIPAA account. Cell phone numbers may be used as the username and it should contain at least 10 digits.

Enter a Password for the account to make it more secure. The password should have a maximum of 16 characters and a minimum of 8 characters. Make sure that the password has at least one uppercase and one lowercase alphabet, a numeric digit and a special character. This is to ensure that the account password is strong.

Now  enter a Privacy Code for the account. The Privacy Code is just like a Password but it makes sure that no third parties, including us, will not be able to read any information. The criteria for entering the Privacy Code is same as that of the Password you entered earlier.

Add a valid Email Address so that emails are received when trying to recover the account in case the Password or the Privacy Code is lost. On signing up, an email will be sent regarding the new account creation in HIPAA Office which may be used for future reference.

Accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Statements.


Hit the  button to continue.

On signing up for the first time, a welcome screen will be shown where the first and last names are to be entered.

HIPAA Office Sign In

Please follow the below steps to sign in to the account, if already signed up with HIPAA Office.

Type in the below URL on the browser to open the HIPAA Office Sign In page.

Enter the Cell Phone Number that was used while signing up to HIPAA Office as the username in the first field. The username must be at least 10 digits long.

Now enter the Password that was given while signing up in the second field. The password should have minimum 8 characters and maximum 16 characters and should contain at least one lowercase and one uppercase alphabet and at least one numeric digit and a special character.

And lastly, enter the Privacy Code which was also set during the Sign Up process. The Privacy Code is just like a password, used to make the account more secure and private. It bears the same validations as that of the password.

Click on the  button after filling up all the fields to access your HIPAA Office account.

HIPAA Office provides features such as secure email, chats, file share, calendar, groups and more, all under one place.