Switching Case is significant when it comes to billing. A case is an intermediary that relates Insurance and Date of Service (DOS). When there is a change in the existing insurance to other insurance or require to submit a claim for a DOS to other insurance, it is mandatory to switch the case. The following method would help you to understand the process to switch a case.

Invoke Patient Menu to enable patient search.

Select the Patient from the search result and go to the patient demographic page.

Click on the case button from the patient demographics page.

When the Case button is invoked, the Case window appears where existing case information can be found.

Case Switching allows you to switch Date of Service (DOS) between the case. Hence, it needs to identify the case to which the DOS should be switched.

For example, below-highlighted case (1370-3620) has two DOS and it needs to be switched to the case (1370 – 3621)

Click on the case (1370 -3620) and invoke the Case Switch tab to make the DOS visible. Select the DOS that needs to be switched to the other case (1370 -3621).

Once it is selected, click on the Switch To field, select the other case (1370 -3621) and the appropriate case from the drop-down list.

Click on the Switch Case button to switch the case. Upon completion, click on the Save button to save the changes.

After saving the changes, you can find the DOS which is switched under the other case.

Note: If there is only one case and there is no case to switch, then create a new case to complete the case switching. Please click on the link to know how to add or edit a case.