Go to Charges from the main menu and choose Enter Charges.

On the Charge Entry screen under Legal Entity drop-down select “ALL”. Change the Appointment Date to the desired date. Select the desired patient from the list.

Under Insurance Case Information type in the Case Number. If you do not have the case information, you need to click on the  button. You will receive the “Patient Information is Incomplete” window on your screen.

Click on “Please click here to enter Insurance Information”.

On the Insurance Information window select the correct payer information. Fill in all the mandatory fields and then click on Save. This will generate a case number for the patient.

Under the Diagnosis box fill in all the diagnosis marked in the Superbill. Fill in the CPT Codes in the CPT Codes box.

Select the correct Rendering Provider, Place Of Service. Under the Service Location drop-down select the first option from the list. Under the Referring Provider option choose the correct option; Same or External

If the Referring Provider is an External, type in the correct name in the box provided. Make sure the NPI number is available for the Referring Provider.

Under the Co-pay, put in the correct amount mentioned in the superbill, select the “NOT APPLICABLE” option from the drop down. Select the “NOT APPLICABLE” option from the drop down next to Deductible.

After entering all the necessary information, choose the appropriate option from the list i.e. NEW, BILL To PR, or HOLD and then click the Save

Before saving the charge entry for a Super-Bill received we need to check if the Diagnosis Codes and Procedure Codes are valid using the code correct web site.