1. Open the charting page and select the Consultation Sheet under which the Letter has been added.
For e.g. to generate a REFERRAL letter which we setup earlier in the Primary Care Sheet (Consultation Sheet):
Choose Primary Care Sheet from the Consultation Sheet box and click the New Consultation Chart button

2. From the Charting screen, choose LETTER module and then click on REFERRAL. The Level-2’s to be included in the REFERRAL letter will be displayed on the right.

3. Choose the items that should appear in the letter and type the content as required. For e.g. On selecting the To: option, the name of the Physicians will appear as Level-2 down option which was added earlier, click in the box to select the name of the Physician.
To type a note, click on the Note option and type the required text.


4. Click the Save as button to save the chart and generate the letter. On the Charting Saved Successfully screen that appears, the Referral letter will be listed under the heading Letters as shown below.


5. Click on the Edit edt_button button on the right of the letter to Edit the content of this letter. You can also print, fax or mail this letter by clicking on the corresponding icon.

6. Clicking the Edit button brings up the Letter content as shown below, here you can edit the content as required, click the Save button to update the changes.