To get to the Electronic Medical Records, click on EMR from the index and choose Clinical Desktop. The screen that appears is called the Clinical Desktop.


The Clinical Desktop comprises of two sections, the Tabs section and the Pending Charts section (see details below).

The tabs section comprises of six tabs as follows:-
Appointment:- Displays the list of patients with appointments for the current/given date.
Patient:- Search for patients.
Reminder:- Displays the Reminders.
Ready for Exam:- Displays the list of patients with charts that are ready for examination.
For Review:- Displays the list of charts that have been assigned to be reviewed.
Message:- Takes you to the Message facility where you can compose messages or view the In box and To-Do list.

The Pending Charts section will list the names of all the patients whose charts are open and pending (charts saved as pending).

To view the Electronic Medical Record for a patient, simply click on the name of the patient from the list.