The Payment Entry screen is integrated with a payment gateway to accept credit card payments. Practices have the option to do a one-time card processing and if needed the card can be saved for future processing.

1.  Open the Enter/Edit Payments screen.

2.  Click the Add Payment Entry icon at the top right-hand side of the page to add a new payment.

3.  Enter payment info. Fill all payment info such as – Payment Type, Payer Entity, Payer Name and Payment Amount.

4.  Select the Pay Method as Credit Card and enter the credit card info (Credit Card#, Name on Card, Expiry Month, Year and CVV). All the fields need to be filled to successfully process the card.

5.  Hit the Save button to complete the processing of the card.

A payment success message with a Gateway Transaction # is displayed along with the Payment #. You would see payment added (On Account) in the Patient’s account.

If you received a failed or an error message, the payment entry is not added. You can view the reason for the failure in the report I18 – Credit Card Transaction Report.