Connect To Lab Screen

Lab Results are retrieved through the EHR Advanced->Connect to Lab screen which now has a brand-new user interface for easier fetching and listing of the results. Users can easily retrieve and view the results by choosing the status from the “Status” dropdown.

Note: Connect To Lab Screen can also be accessed from Clinical Desktop as shown in the below image.

How to Fetch Lab Results

1. Use the Select Lab drop-down on the top-right part of the screen to select the required lab from where the results are to be fetched and click button beside it.

2. This fetches the latest lab results. Along with this, all unprocessed results that were retrieved in the past 30 days are also shown.

3. To view all processed results, select “PROCESSED” status from the “Status” drop-down. Select “VOID” status to list all the voided results. (Note: Currently, the screen does not provide option for Voiding the reports; it can be done from the backend on request.)

How To Process Lab Results

1. Once the results are fetched, if the patient name exists in the system, the patient’s name is shown under the “Match Patient” field. Such results can be processed by selecting the check box on the left and clicking on the button on the bottom of the screen.

2. However, for unmatched patients, a warning icon is displayed and mouse-hover shows “Unmatched Patient. Please match the patient.” (see Image below).
Users can manually match them using the “Match Patient” field. Once matched, the result is available for processing(check box is enabled).

3. Clicking on the  sign provides an instant view of the result (see Image below). The Result column  icon can be used for viewing the PDF detailed output.

4. All info on the results page including the patient name, is grabbed from the retrieved results.

5. If the provider code in the result doesn’t match with the provider in the system our system compares the last name and first name and picks the provider with the matching name. If this fails, the provider assigned to that patient in demographics will be picked.

6. If the result needs to be processed under a different provider, select the provider from the “Provider” drop-down beside the button.

7. Once the result is processed a new chart will be created for this patient in EHR with encounter sheet name Lab Results-HL7; The result can be viewed from EHR Lab tab.