1.Select ‘Clinical Desktop’/’EMR’ from the main menu on the left. Choose a patient.

2. The Prescription can be done in either of the two ways listed below.

2.1. For Visits, Click on ‘Prescription’  within encounter notes to redirect to Newcrop Portal to prescribe medication.

2..2 For non-visits/refills, Click on the Rx icon from the face sheet to redirect to Newcrop Portal to prescribe medication.

3. On the Compose page, type in the name of the medication you need to prescribe.

4. Click on the medication strength you need to prescribe.  This will open the SIG edit screen.

5. Create the prescription providing details from left to right(Quantity->Form->route->Frequency).  Click Save Rx as this will take the medication to a Pending status.

6. From the Pending status, click the Transmit/Prescribe button.

7. On the Transmit Page, choose the pharmacy to which the Rx needs to be transmitted and then click Transmit Rx/Add to record.

8. Once that button is selected the Rx will then be transmitted to the pharmacy, you will now see the Receipt page.

9. Click on the Compose Rx tab to see this medication in the patient’s Current Medications list.