This article explains how to record Lab & Radiology orders in EHR and send the requests to the concerned lab. Once the orders are saved in a patient’s chart, there are three ways by which the requests can be sent to the lab:

A. Print the order

B. Fax the order

C. Send the order through our HL7 interface(CPOE).

CPOE or Computerized Provider Order entry refers to the process by which providers send treatment instructions electronically – including medication, laboratory, and radiology orders – via EHR rather than paper, fax, or telephone.

Workflow for Writing Lab & Radiology Orders

1. Initiate Charting. To know more on how to initiate charting, click here.

2. From the Diagnosis section in the chart, choose the relevant ICD-10 codes with their respective Diagnosis Pointers(D1, D2, D3, etc.); see Image 1.

Image 1

3. After selecting ‘Diagnosis Codes’, select the lab orders from within the lab order section and Radiology procedures from the Radiology section as shown in Images 2 and 3. For each order, choose the appropriate ICD code from the right.

Image 2

Image 3

4. Save the chart using ‘Save As’ button.

Sending Lab & Radiology Orders

Orders are sent to the respective labs by printing, faxing or sending through HL7 interface.

Printing/Faxing the Order

Printing/Faxing can be done from three areas- Narration, Charting Actions, and ‘Chart Save Successful’ Page.

A. Narration: From the Visit History tab, click on the chart to bring up the Narration of the chart.

Image 4.1a


B. ‘Charting Actions’ under ‘Visit Hx’– From Visit history tab, select the required chart/Date of Service , click on Charting Actions Icon highlighted In Image 4.1b1 and navigate to “Charting Actions” page; you may either ‘Print’ or ‘Fax’ orders from there; see Image 4.1b2.

Image 4.1b1

Image 4.1b2

C. Directly from “Complete note screen”-On saving the chart, the ‘Chart Saved Successfully’ page comes up, we can either “Print” or “Fax” the Orders from here; see Image 4.2.

Image 4.1c


Printing An Order

a. Click on Print icon .

Image 4.1d

b. Click on ‘Print’ highlighted in the Image to open the printer setup page in order to print the page.

Faxing the Order

a. Click on the Fax icon

B. Provide the Fax number, select the covering letter from the Letter drop-down and click on ‘Fax’ to send the order via fax.

CPOE (Via HL7 interface)

If you are connected to the lab, you can send orders electronically through the HL7 interface. Click here to know how to set up lab interface.

Image 6

1. Click on icon highlighted in Image 6 to send the request over HL7 interface. An order form appears as in below Image.

2. Select lab Type and Fill relevant fields under each test. Fields include AOE(Ask At order Entry) questions and the corresponding Answers.

3. Click on Submit; A status message will be displayed as in Image below.


In case of error, Status will be ‘ERROR’ and the reason will be provided in the Response Message. For details write to