The I1 report lists the place of service and the total billed by the Provider for each place of service.


1. The report shows the charge split-up of each provider among the POSs.

2. The column-wise totals at the bottom of the report gives the total charges billed by each provider at all the POS.

3. The row-wise totals at the right hand side of the report is the total charges billed by all the providers at each POS.


Select a provider from the search filter to display the split up of his total charge among the Place of Service(POSs).

Search Filters of I1 Report

Field Description
Date Type Select either Acct. Date or DOS and provide the date range
Legal Entity To filter results for a specific legal entity
Provider To filter results for a specific provider

Search screen of I1 report

Image 1

Sample I1 report showing the charges billed by the providers classified by the POS

Image 2

Possible outputs of I1 Report

Fields In I1 report Excel

PDF Output