I10 report lists all the procedures billed by insurance with a count of the procedures and totals of billed, paid, and adjusted.


I10 report is a procedure-based report that provides charges, receipts and adjustments for each procedure performed under an insurance in the given accounting date range.


1. Procedure code search filter is a multi-input field; you can provide multiple procedure codes in the procedure code field separated by commas to view system financials for all of them.

2. Provide an insurance name to view the payments and adjustments provided by the insurance as well as the payments and adjustments given by other insurances against each procedure performed in the given date range.

Search Filters for the I10 Report

Field Description
Date Type Select either Acct. Date or DOS and provide the date range
CPT Procedure code; multiple procedure codes can be provided separated by commas
Rev. Code Revenue code
Case Type To filter results for a specific case type
Insurance Company To view results for a specific insurance company

Search Screen of I10 report

Sample I10 report

I10 Report Outputs

Excel output  Fields in I10 Excel

PDF output

Important columns in the I10 report

Column Description
CPT Count Number of units of the specified procedure used during the specified accounting period
Charges Total Charges incurred for the procedure
Receipts Total payments received from the Insurance for the procedure
Adjustments Total Adjustments made
Receipts by Other Ins. Payments done by other insurances
Adjustments by Other Ins Adjustments done by other insurances
Receipts by Patient Payment received from patients (like Copay)
Adjustments by Patient Adjustments done for patient payments