I10 report analyses CPT usage/productivity in the specified accounting date sorted by Insurances to which they have been billed. For each CPT listed, the report displays the charges billed, payments received and adjustments done.

Search filters for the I10 report include Accounting Date, CPT, Rev. Code, Case Type  and Insurance Company. Image 1 is the I10 search screen.

Click on Search to continue. Image 2 is a sample I10 report.

Table 1 displays the Important columns in the I10 report.

Column Description
CPT Count Number of units of the specified CPT used during the specified accounting period
Charges Total Charges incurred for the CPT
Receipts Total payments received from the Insurance for the CPT
Adjustments Total Adjustments made
Receipts by Other Ins. Payments done by other insurances
Adjustments by Other Ins Adjustments done by other insurances
Receipts by Patient Payment received for patient responsible lines(if any)
Adjustments by Patient Adjustments done for patient responsible lines

Select the  icon to download the report as an Excel Spreadsheet and  icon to download the report as PDF.