I11 Adjustment report lists all the adjustments done in the system grouped by adjustment reason. It provides both summarized and Detailed view. Summary shows the Adjustment reasons and the adjustment amounts. The detailed version shows the patients against whom adjustments were done along with the adjustment reason and adjustment amount.

Search Filters for the I11 Report

Field Description
Acct. Date Acct. date of adjustment posting; Provide the accounting date range
Patient Provide patient name to view adjustments related to a specific patient
Adj. Reason Select one from the drop-down to view results pertaining to a specific Adjustment reason
Summary/Detailed By default, the report provides detailed output. To list the adjustment reason alone with the adjustment amount, select Summary

Sample I11 Report

Image 1

Select the first  icon to download the report as an Excel Spreadsheet and  to download the report as PDF. The second icon is to download the Adjustment Posting Activity as an Excel sheet. The posting activity displays the details of the payments wherein the adjustments were done.

A sample Adjustment excel

Image 2

Adjustment Posting Activity excel sheet

Image 3