I15 report is mostly used for institutional billing, the report contains some UB04-specific information and shows the billed and paid amounts. Additionally, the aging in the report shows the responsible entity that owes the balance (patient/insurance).

Search Filters for the I15 Report

Field Description
Acct. Date Line Level Accounting Date
DOS Provide Date of Service range
Legal Entity To filter results for a specific legal entity
Provider To filter results for a specific provider
Line Status To show charges in a specific line status
Line Sub Status To show charges in a specific sub status
User User who created the charge. Choose one from the drop-down.
Referral Source Select an appropriate option from the drop-down
Patient You can search with either first name of last name
Case Type Choose an appropriate Case Type from the drop-down
Insurance You can search either for a primary insurance or a secondary
Status Code This corresponds to box #17(STAT) of UB04 Charge Entry
Rev. Code starts with To search with revenue codes
Referring Provider To search with referring provider

Search Screen of I15 Report

Image 1

Sample I15 Report

Image 2

Possible Outputs of I15 Report

Fields in Excel Summary of I15 report

-PDF output.