Monthly Census Report provides the encounter details of all patients in a specified DOS/Acct. Date Period. Encounter details include information on Case number, Case Type, Line status, Payer wise payments, adjustment amount, Patient and Insurance wise aging details etc. Along with this patient name, MR# and Primary Insurance Name are shown as well.

The search filters for the I15 report include Accounting date, DOS, Legal Entity, Provider, Line Status, Line Sub Status, User, Referral Source, Patient, Case Type, Insurance (Primary/secondary), Referring Provider. Enter the Status Code, Rev. Code Starting, and the Referring Provider ( Same As Rendering Provider/ Outside Referral). Image 1 is the I15 search screen.

Image 1

Click on Search to continue. Image 2 is a sample I15 report.

Image 2

Select the  icon to download the report as an Excel Spreadsheet and  to download the report as PDF.