I16 Insurance Reimbursement Variance % report is mainly used to compare the Allowed amount in the fee schedule and the actual amount you were paid. The comparison is done only for those claims that have payments applied in the selected date range.


This report gives you an idea of how much you were underpaid. All underpaid entries will be red highlighted in the report.

Table 1 shows the various search filters in the I16 report.

Field Description
Date Type Select either Accounting Date or DOS
Legal Entity To filter by legal Entity
Provider To filter by provider
Insurance To filter by Payer
CPT Codes To filter by CPT
Show Variance Only/ Show All Show only those results where there is a variance / show all

Table 1

Image 1 shows a sample search screen.

Image 1

Click on Search to continue.

Image 2


Select the  icon to download the report as an Excel Spreadsheet and  icon to download the report as a PDF.

Note: The Allowed Amount displays the actual allowed amount entered at the time of posting. If the Allowed Amount entered was ‘0’, then for reporting purposes, the allowed amount will be taken as the difference of Charge and Adjustment amounts.