Credit card transactions are linked to a third party software through a payment gateway. The payment gateway is configured in the Practice Options setup page.

I18 Credit Card Transaction Report can be used to reconcile all Credit card transactions between PracticeSuite and third-party software. Details regarding payments done through credit cards can be viewed in the I18 report. All successful and failed transactions are listed here along with the reason for the failure (if any). Each line in the report lists the Payment#, Amount, Payee Name, Payment Date, Transaction Status (Processed/Pending/Completed/All), Payment Partner, Gateway Transaction ID, Gateway Transaction message, and Batch ID.

To view the report, provide the required search parameters such as Transaction Date From, To, Payment No., Transaction#, Patient Name, or Transaction Status. Click on Search to view the report; see Image 1.

Image 1

Image 2 is a sample I18 report.

Image 2

Select the  icon to download the report as an Excel Spreadsheet and the  icon to download the report as PDF.

The following table explains each column in the report in detail.

Field Description
Payee Name Name of the payee
MR# MR# of the patient for whom this payment is done.
Amount Amount paid through credit card
Date Payment Date
Payment # Payment # of the payment
Payment Source This can be either Practice or patient portal, the site through which the payment was made
Transaction# Unique Id maintained by the system for each transaction.
Transaction Status a. Completed- the status of all successful transactions

b. Processed- the status of failed transactions

c. Pending-This indicates that transaction was done but no response message has yet been received from the third-party software.

Gateway Status Status at the payment gateway.

a. Success- the status of all successful transactions

b. Failed- the status of failed transactions

c. For Transaction Status ‘Pending’, no gateway status is displayed

Payment Partner Third-party software for Credit card transactions
Gateway Transaction ID Unique Id provided by the payment partner for each transaction. This can be used to reconcile transactions between systems.
Gateway Transaction Message Displays the reason for failure in case of a failed transaction else ‘success’ message is displayed. For pending transactions, no message is displayed.
Batch Number USIO Batch ID for the transaction