The report shows the total insurance paid and adjusted by date of service.

Search filters for the I19 report

Search Filter Description
Acct. Date Posting Accounting date of the Insurance payment
Legal Entity To filter results for a specific legal entity
Provider To filter results for a specific provider

Search Screen of I19 Report

Important Columns in the I19 Report

Column Description
Posted Date Accounting date of Insurance payment posting
Patient Patient for whom the payment was done
Payer Name Name of the Insurance
Ins. Paid Amount paid by the Insurance
Ins. Adj. Adjustments provided by the insurance
Total Paid Total of insurance and patient payment posted on the line
Amt. of Percent(%) Percentage of Insurance payment against the Total paid

Sample I19 report

Image 2

Possible Outputs of I19 Report

Fields in the excel output of I19 Report

-PDF output.