This is a multi-patient single invoice report with separate PDF exports. The first PDF export contains the procedure counts and the charged quantity and the second contains the patient and date of service details.


This report is very similar to I23 report except that it will display only those procedures where the amount has a non-zero value.

Search Filters for the I24 report

Field Description
Date Type Select either Acct. Date or DOS and provide the date range
Referring Provider Select either same as rendering provider or choose Outside referral and select the name from the drop-down beside
Service Location To filter the report for a specific service location
Legal Entity To filter the report for a specific legal entity
PR. INS. Primary Insurance name
Provider Rendering Provider name

Search Screen of I24 Report

Sample I24 Report

Image 2

Possible Outputs of I24 Report

There are two PDF outputs for this report: Invoice and Invoice Details.

1st PDF -Invoice Report- Here, the procedure codes are grouped according to Legal Entity and Service Location. This PDF will show payable to address instead of the practice’s physical address.
2nd PDF – Invoice Details PDF is an exact copy of the report