I3 is a report that shows the Insurance-wise total charge amounts by month.


1. I3 report shows the charge split-up of providers amongst the insurances in each month.

2. Row-wise total at the right hand side gives the total charge billed by a provider against an insurance.

3. Column-wise totals at the bottom gives the total charges in each month.

Search Filters of I3 Report

Field Description
Date Type Select either Acct.Date or DOS; Acct. Date is the line level accounting date
Legal Entity Select a legal entity to filter results for the specific legal entity
Provider Select a provider to view results pertaining to a specific provider
Insurance Select an insurance to filter results related to a specific insurance

Search Screen of I3 Report

Sample I3 Report

Image 1

Possible Outputs of I3 Report

Fields in I3 excel output

– PDF output