Posting Detail Report is a detailed report on the posting activities done in the system. The report shows where the payments were applied and how much was applied. It shows the date of service, patients, and  CPTs to which the payments were applied and the balance after posting.


This vital report highlights all the payment postings done in the practice during a specific accounting date range. The report shows where the money was applied, the balance after posting, the next action, who applied the money and the date it was applied. It will also show any take backs.

The report shows a posted summary at the header and it indicates whether the money applied is from the current month’s deposits or from another month. The column ‘Deposit carry forward’ shows money from prior month deposits applied in the current month. This helps users to quickly identify payments whether to account them in the current month or to exclude them in the current month reporting based on their accounting practices.

I6 report includes info on primary, secondary and tertiary insurances of the encounter in both the summary and detailed Excel outputs.


  1. Provide a check number in the search criteria and the report would display the details regarding all the postings done against the specified check number.
  2. You may also use this report to get a view of the posting summary in a date range and get the patient details with the exact lines against which the postings were done.

Search filters of I6 Report

Field Description
Accounting Date Accounting Date in the posting lines of the payment posting screen
DOS Date of service
Posting Date Date of posting the payment
Check Date Date in the check
Payment Accounting Date The Accounting date of the payment
Legal Entity
CPT To search for postings related to a particular CPT
Line sub Status Installment/ Denied/ pre-collection/Collection/Installment
Source Manual/ERA
Payer Type Insurance/ Patient
Payment # Payment number
check # Check number
User To search for postings done by a particular user
Show overpayments only Check this box to display only the overpayments that occurred during the date range(payments where balance is negative)

Table 1

Search screen of I6 Report

Image 1

Sample I6 Report

Image 2

Select the  icon to download the report as an Excel spreadsheet and  icon to download the report as PDF.