I8 is a detailed charge report that captures a majority of charge transaction fields. Multiple excel exports give varying levels of information. This master charge report can be used extensively for charge capture info, analytics, and reconciliation purposes.


1. This is the master charge report. All the charge details are captured in this report. The report can be run using Accounting date or DOS. It can even be run using line status and sub-status. Line status is a multi-selection drop-down; you can select multiple statuses using control keys. Again, provider search is a multi-select drop-down. You can also select which provider you want to run it for: encounter provider or the line-level provider.

2. As in the case of many other reports, this report has excel options (beneath the search filters) to extract the data directly to an excel format without having to wait for the  report to paint on the screen. It is a fairly large report that often pulls bulk data and is the first in PracticeSuite to include offline reporting feature. 

3. Patient Creation Date info available in detailed CSV output and offline report of the I8 report.

4. Detailed CSV report includes Adjustment Reason and Attending Physician (Box #76 of UB04 claims) name. Attending Physician is also present in the offline report version of the I8 report. Detailed CSV also has the primary, secondary and tertiary insurance addresses.


1. Status and sub status filters can be used to filter patients who have got lines billed to patient responsibility, or those in Collection/Pre-collection. e.g., Select Line sub status as “Pre-collection” and the report will display all patients in Pre-collections.

2. Select VOID from the line status search to exclusively filter Voided lines.

3. Patients paying in Installments can be easily traced by selecting ‘INSTALLMENT’ from the sub status filter.

4. Practices can use this report to pick up a summary of the encounter line activities that occurred during a day, month, quarter, etc.

5. I8 report can be filtered using supervising provider and patient’s account type.

Filter options in the I8 report

Field Description
Legal Entity Provide a legal entity if you want to view results related to a specific LE
Patient You can search with either first name of last name
Acct. Date Line level Accounting Date
DOS Date of Service
Creation Date Charge Creation Date
Last Modified Date Date the charge was last modified
Rendering Provider Select Encounter Option to filter with encounter-level provider and Line Option to filter with line-level provider
Case Type Choose an appropriate Case Type from the drop-down
User User who created the charge. Choose one from the drop-down.
POS Place of Service. Provide Value or Description and select from the drop-down
Service Location This drop-down gets populated on entering a valid POS
Primary Insurance To view results for a specific primary insurance
Secondary Insurance  To view results for a specific secondary insurance
Tertiary Insurance  To view results for a specific tertiary insurance
CPT To search using  a specific CPT code
Referring Provider Referring Provider
Line Status Select one from drop-down
Line Sub Status Select one from drop-down
Diagnosis Code To filter using diagnosis code
PSTS#Batch# If a PSTS# batch# was provided at the time of Charge entry, you can provide it here to search for the payment
Account Type To filter the report using patient’s account type provided in the demographics screen.
Supervising provider To filter by supervising provider
Modifier To search using modifiers
Referral Source Select an appropriate option from the drop-down
Show Over Payments Only Show only those claims where over payments were made (Remaining Amount is negative).
Include Void Charges To include voided charges in the search result.
Exclude New To exclude all unposted charges from the report

Table 1

The I8 report also provides direct export options which when clicked directs the output to excel/CSV formats so that the user can view the excel/CSV outputs without having to wait for the report to load on screen; see Table 2. The highlighted portion in Image 1 is the Run Offline Option. The offline reports feature reduces redundant iterations in report generation. With this feature users can redownload a previously generated report without having to rerun the report. 

Option Description
View To view the report( normal way of running the report)
Download Excel Direct excel Options are ‘Summary Report’, ‘Encounter Report’, Detailed Report’, ‘Accounting Period Activities’. Select an option.
Download CSV Direct CSV Options are ‘Detailed CSV’, ‘PCCN CSV’ . Select the one appropriate.
Run Offline Select this option to run report offline. Drop-down shows Pending reports as well as the previous five completed ones run by the user.

Table 2

Image 1

The previous five offline reports run by the user can be viewed in the drop-down right next to Run Offline radio button; see Image 1.1.

Image 1.1

The offline reports will also appear in the Report Central Favorites tab under section titled ‘Batch Report(Background Reports)’ as shown in Image 1.2. Reports ready for download will show up with a mark and pending reports will show with icon.

Image 1.2

Sample I8 Report

Image 2

Select the  icon to download the report in CSV format and  icon to download the report as PDF.

Note: In the detailed Excel report, the sheet “Accounting Period Activities” highlights in yellow the charges from closed months that had changes made to them in the current reporting period; see Image 3.

Image 3