The report provides a detailed view of the entire encounter line activities that occurred during the selected accounting date/DOS. This includes the claim details as well as the posting details.

Search parameters for the I9 report include Accounting Date, DOS, Patient, Place Of Service and the Service Location. Image 1 is the I9 search screen.

Image 1

Click on Search to continue. Image 2 is a sample I9 report.

Image 2

For claim generated lines, claim details as well as posting details are displayed. Click on icons corresponding to the claim details and posting details to view them. A sample Claim details screen is shown in Image 3, and Image 4 shows a sample Posting Details screen.

Image 3

Image 4

Select the  icon to download the report as an Excel Spreadsheet and the  icon to download the report as PDF.

Note: An ‘Export to CSV’ option is provided in the report screen (see highlighted portion in Image 2). Users without having to wait for the report to load and paint to the screen can immediately use this option to extract the data to csv format.