Fee Schedule and Encounter Procedures (CPT/HCPCS) go hand in hand when it comes to medical billing. Considering the fact that Fee Schedule and encounter procedures complement each other, these modules have been incorporated under Fee Schedule.

To open the Fee Schedule, go to the Setup menu and choose Fee Schedule.

The Fee schedule opens in a new window and allows you to manipulate the Fee Schedule and Encounter Procedures (CPT).

A default Standard Fee Schedule is created at the time of Account Creation. However, we can add more CPTs to the existing standard fee schedule.

Inactivate a CPT

To Inactivate a CPT, select the CPT that needs to be inactivated from the Fee Schedule.

Click anywhere on the CPT line and it will let you update the billing details. Refer to the image below-

Enter the End Date and click on Update button to save the changes. Once saved, the CPT line will be shown in red color as in the demonstration below-