From the main menus, click on Setup and then click on Insurance/Plan.

A window to search insurance opens up where existing insurances can be searched.

  1. To search for an insurance company, type in the full/partial name and click on search. You can also search for an insurance company by the payer ID.
  2. Click on the checkbox to include end dated insurance in the search result.
  3. To add a new Insurance click on the  icon.
  4. A New window will open up for entering new insurance details.
  5. Enter the Company Name.
  6. Enter the Payer ID. This depends on the clearinghouse that you use.
  7. Enter the Insurance Company address.
  8. Enter contact details of the Insurance Company.
  9. Select the appropriate Payer Type from the list. By default, Commercial Insurance Co is selected.
  10. Enter the Primary and Secondary Billing Method.
  11. Select the Procedure code set.

Click on Save after entering all the required details.

  • A Default plan is created automatically upon saving New Insurance. 
  • If the default plan needs to be edited, Click on the  icon.
  • To add a new plan click on  button.
  • Once the details are entered, Click on  button to save the plan.

Note: The plans should be linked with Patient Insurance while adding insurance in the patient demographic page.