J1.System Financial Summary Report shows provider-wise system financials.


This report is similar to J9.Daily/Month End Close Report. This report provides a summary of the financial information against each provider in a legal entity. It is also a good month-end report which provides a comprehensive view of the provider transaction in a legal entity and contains information such as Charges, Total Payments, Adjustments, On-Account, Net A/R, Total A/R and procedure counts.

The report can be customized using filtering options such as Account Date From, Account Date To, Legal Entity and Provider. Also, selecting the option ‘Year-To-Date’ will generate the report for the current year.

Table 1 shows the search filters of the J1 report.

Field Description
Acct. Date Accounting Date Range
Legal Entity Billing Entity
Provider To view results of a specific provider
Period-To-Date/Year-To-Date To generate the report for the current year, choose Year-To-date

Table 1


Image 1 shows a sample search screen.

Image 1

Image 2 shows a sample output.

Image 2

Note: On-account breakup between current  and other months is shown as mouse-over( indicated by an arrow in Image 2).

This report can be downloaded either as an excel sheet or as a PDF file.