J1.System Financial Summary Report shows the provider-wise breakup of charges, payment, adjustments, and A/R and procedure count.


1. This report provides a summary of the financial information against each provider in a legal entity. It is also a good month-end report which provides a comprehensive view of the provider transaction in a legal entity and contains information such as Charges, Total Payments, Adjustments, On-Account, Net A/R, Total A/R and procedure counts. It is similar to J9.Daily/Month End Close Report.

2. In the ‘On Account’ column, on-account breakup between current¬† and other months is shown as mouse-over (indicated by an arrow in Image 2).


1. The report can be customized using filtering options such as Account Date From, Account Date To, Legal Entity and Provider. Also, selecting the option ‘Year-To-Date’ will generate the report for the current year.

Search Filters of J1 report

Field Description
Acct. Date Accounting Date Range

For Charges: Line level accounting date

For Payments: Payment Posting Acct. Date

Legal Entity Billing Entity
Provider Select a provider to view results of a specific provider
Period-To-Date/Year-To-Date To generate the report for the current year, choose Year-To-date

Table 1

Search Screen of J1 Report

Sample J1 report

Possible Outputs of J1 Report

Fields in Excel Output of J1 Report

– PDF Output