J22 report gives Line of Business and procedure-wise totals of billed, paid (ins. and patient split), adjustment, outstanding, and count showing both for the period and year to date. Additionally, the report can also be made to include the breakup by Provider.


In the procedure setup, procedures can be classified by their LOB(Line of Business) similar to how we set up the Type of Service(TOS) for them. You can add Line of Businesses from the Claims lookups and classify procedures according to the line of business. This report can be run by the line of Business.

Search Filters of J22 Report

Field Description
Date Type Select either Accounting date(Line level acct. date of charge) or DOS
Line of Business Select a line of Business if the report is to be created for a specific LOB
Legal Entity Billing Entity
Show Provider Wise To show the report categorized by provider

Search Screen of J22 Report

Sample J22 Report

Possible Outputs of J22 Report

Fields in Excel output of J22 Report

Fields in the CSV output of J22 Report

PDF output