It gives the location-wise totals of charges, payments, adjustments, and ending A/R with visit counts by payer type. The report also includes the charges and payments average.


J23 is similar to J9. Daily/Month End close report. The main difference between them is that J23 report shows the service location and payer type. It shows the charges (total number of new and established patient visits with total charge amount and average charge amount), Payments ( applied and on-account balance for insurance and patient along with average payment details), write off amount and AR balance, grouped by service location.

Search Filter of J23 Report

Field Description
Date Type Select either Accounting date (Line level Acct. date) or DOS
Legal Entity Billing Entity
Provider Rendering Provider
Service location To view results of a specific service location
Payer Type To view results for a specific payer type

Table 1

Search screen of J23 Report

Sample J23 Report

Possible outputs of J23 Report

Fields in the Excel output of J23 Report