All the info within a downloaded ERA (claim and line details and the payer remarks and adjustment codes) is shown in this report. Users can view the ERAs for the selected creation date range or limit it to show only the unposted ERAs.


Running ERA Detail report is a convenient way to identify the unposted items in an ERA. Provide the check number or Payment number to identify the ERA and Check the box ‘Show Unposted Items Only’. It would display all the unposted claims of the ERA which would be otherwise difficult to track from the ERA screen for large ERAs.


J25 report can be filtered using ICN#.

Search Filters of J25 Report

Field Description
ERA Creation Date Filter claims according to ERA creation date
Acct. Date Provide accounting date range to filter claims
Adjustment Reason  Codes To filter claims according to adjustment reason codes
Remark Codes To filter claims according to payer remarks
ERA Claim Status Options are NEW, PENDING, PROCESSED. Select any to filter ERAs in that status.
Payer ID Unique Id of the insurance
Payer Insurance name
Check # Check # for the ERA
Payment # Payment # generated for the ERA
ICN# Internal Control  number assigned to a claim
Show Unposted Items Only Check this box to view only the unposted claims in the ERA

Search Screen of J25 Report

A Sample Part of J25 Report

Possible Outputs of J25 Report

Fields in Excel output of J25 Report