ERA Detail Report recounts the ERA details posted in the encounter line activity of patients for the given search period. A certain insurance ERA can be particularly searched using this report. All the information in the ERA will be available in this report along with ERA status (New/ Pending/ Processed) and posting status (Posted/ Unposted).

Note: Running ERA Detail report is a convenient way to identify the unposted items in an ERA. Provide the check number or Payment number to identify the ERA and Check the box ‘Show Unposted Items Only’. It would display all the unposted claims of the ERA which would be otherwise difficult to track from the ERA screen.

Search filters for the J25 report include ERA Creation Date, Acct. Date, Payer ID, Payer Name, ERA Claim Status, Adjustment Reason Codes, Remark Code, Payer ID, Payer, Check#, and Payment#.

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