This is an encounter report that captures the variance and percentage based on the contracted rates (from the fee schedule) and the actual rates allowed by the payer. The report also contains paid amounts and payment dates with a statement date (if a statement was generated for the encounter) and aging since DOS, the last claim date, and the last follow-up date.

This report is very useful for analyzing reimbursement levels and efficiency.

Search Filters of J27 Report

Field Description
Date Type Select Either Acct. date or DOS and provide the date range
Responsible Party Select from the drop-down: Patient, guarantor, Insurance, Attorney, Others
Payer name Insurance name
Line of business Select an LOB from the drop-down
Legal Entity Choose a legal entity to view results of that legal entity
Provider Choose a provider to view results pertaining to that provider
Case Type Choose a case type to generate the report for that case type

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