This is a similar patient balance report as J2 but includes the line level details.


1. This report shows you the patients that have open patient-responsible lines. The total payment made by the patient and the unapplied money is displayed as well; the details of the payments made can be viewed by clicking the button in the right corner.

2. Before you generate patient statements, this report helps you to do reconciliation on the patient on-account money and their outstanding balance.

3. There are two excel outputs- the first excel output provides all the details provided in the report. Payments excel displays the payment details of each payment done by the patient such as payment #, payment date, paid amount and amount unapplied. The PDF output produces an exact copy of the report.

Search Filters for J4 Report

Field Description
Acct. Date Provide the line level accounting date range of the charges
Patient To view results pertaining to a specific patient

Search Screen of J4 Report

Sample J4 Report

Possible Outputs of J4 Report

Fields in the Excel output of J4 Report

Fields in the Pmt. Details Excel of J4 Report

PDF output