Charges/Payments Reconciliation Report is one of the effective reports to identify the payments received against the charges billed for a given period of time. It is a one single spreadsheet report with summarized and detailed information about the charges entered into the system and payment posted against it along with on-account information. It also provides missed charges information.


It is a month-end report and it gives both a detailed and summarized view of the system financials. The excel report has six sheets which provide the following information.

Sheet 1: Daily-Month Activity Summary- Summary of the charges entered, payments posted and adjustments.

Sheet 2: Payment Deposit-The payment deposits are given and deposit totals are displayed at the bottom.

Sheet 3: Posting Details- Provides the applied payment details and the totals beneath.

Sheet 4: Missing Encounters- Provides appointment details for which charges are not yet created

Sheet 5: Unapplied and Unposted payments- Similar data that you find in the On-account report.

Sheet 6: Charges and Unposted Charges- Details of all charges posted in the date range. Any charges created but put to HOLD or NEW status will be as well shown here. Date of Accident (DOA) of the patient will also be displayed in this tab.

Search filters for the J6 report

Field Description
Acct. Date Provide the accounting date range
User Filter by user
Legal Entity Filter by billing entity
Provider To show details with respect to a specific provider
Insurance To show details with respect to a specific insurance

Daily-Month Activity Summary sheet of the J6 report