The J9 report gives a month-wise or daily summary of charges, payments, adjustments, starting and ending A/R, visit count for the month or day, and breakup of new and est. visits (non-e/m visits). The report also captures the applied and on-account (unapplied/credit balances) separately for insurance and patient payments.


1. Daily / Month End Close Report is one of the most effective and commonly used reports to monitor daily or month-wise patient visits and billing details. The report displays the count of patient visits, total charges, applied payments, on-account money, write-offs, starting A/R, ending A/R, etc., during the given accounting period.

2. This report helps to comprehend practice performance variations and trends.


1. Choose the option ‘Daily’ to get a summary of the daily activities, such as the count of patient visits, charges, payments applied, On-account amounts, write-offs, etc.

2. The option ‘Monthly’ would provide the charges, payments, and write-off activities month-wise.

Filter options in the Daily/Month-end close report

Field Description
Date Type Choose either the accounting date or DOS as the search criteria and provide the date range in the adjacent fields.
Legal Entity
Monthly/Daily Select either daily or monthly, depending on the type of report required

Search screen of J9 Report

Sample J9 Report

Report Columns of the J9 Report

Field Description
Patient Visits(New/Est) Number of new visits and established visits based on the procedure count
Other Visits that cannot be categorized under the New, Est categories
Charges charges created
Payments Applied (Patient/ INS) Applied payments to patients and insurance
On Account (Patient/INS) On account money for patients as well as for insurance. When you hover the mouse over the column, it shows the on-account money split up between the current month and the other months.
Write Off Amount written off during the time period
Starting A/R A/R at the start of the selected accounting period
Outstanding A/R A/R incurred during the period
Ending A/R A/R at the end of the accounting period

Possible Outputs of the J9 Report

Fields in the Excel output of J9 Report