The below steps show how to link authorization to a charge line through the Enter Charges screen in the system. Performing this action will prompt the system to adjust the calculation of Visits Used and Visits Remaining. 

E.g., for the patient Test,Test in the Authorization # 333333, suppose the current value of Visits Used is 4 and Visits Remaining is 6.

To link the authorization to a charge, follow the steps below.

1. Select Charges from the main menu and go to Enter Charges screen.

2. Enter the patient details, Insurance Case Information, relevant ICD and CPT codes, etc.

3. In the Additional Information section, enter the Rendering Provider, Place of service, and other required details.

4. Click on the text box corresponding to Authorization#. All the authorizations for the patient given by the insurance listed in the Insurance case Information field will be available in the drop-down (refer to Image 1).

Image 1 

5. Select the relevant Authorization from the list and click on Save. (In the above example, the user selected Authorization # 333333.)

6. Once the charges are successfully saved, the number of authorized visits remaining for the patient in the particular authorization number reduces by one count. This can be verified by examining the Visits Used field in the Authorization Information page of the patient.

After applying the authorization # 333333 in the Enter Charges screen, the authorization Information screen of the patient  Test,Test is as shown in Image 2.

Image 2 

Detailed information on the authorizations provided to a patient can be viewed in the Authorization page accessed from the patient’s Demographics page.