This article elaborates on the Loinc Codes for automatic measure calculations and other specifications for Level-1 and Level-2 components.

Waist-To-Hip Ratio
Measurement Formula Used Level 2 Loinc Codes Needed
Waist-To-Hip Ratio

Level 2 Code: WHR

Waist Circumference(cm)/Hip Circumference(cm) 97058-2 Waist circumference score for risk calculation

62409-8 PhenX – hip circumference protocol 020801


Body Surface Area
Measurement Formula Used Level 2 Loinc Codes Needed
Body Surface Area (m²) 

Level 2 Loinc Code: 8277-6

Mosteller Formula 

SQRT{ [ height (cm) x weight (kg)] / 3600 }

Loinc Code Height: 8302-2 

Loinc Code Weight: 3141-9


Progress Notes, Procedure Notes, and Lab Notes
Level-1 Component Level 2 Loinc Codes Needed
Progress Note

Procedure Note

Lab Note




BMI Percentile and Weight Percentile 

(The person’s age should be between 2 and 20.)

Item LOINC Code
WEIGHT 3141-9
HEIGHT 8302-2
BMI 39156-5